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The three most popular types of framing available to construct conservatories are PVCu, Timber and Aluminium.  Click the links below to get additional information on the different frame materials.
More information on PVCu framing More information on Timber framing More Information on Aluminium Framing

The strength of a PVCu conservatory roof depends entirely on its aluminium superstructure, the external and internal covers being  PVCu claddings as opposed to framing.  Additionally, it is often the case in high exposure sites that we would also use an aluminium external cladding for its rigidity properties.  These claddings are coloured as the other frames of the conservatory. 

Section of Glazing Bar for Timber Application

In order to avoid external maintenance, timber framed conservatory roofs can utilise aluminium/PVCu glazing bars externally on top of timber rafters and coloured appropriately. (See Diagram to the right)

It is also possible, regardless of the vertical framing material, to construct the roof in a traditional manner using timber rafters and tiles.  Its definition in building terms changes from a conservatory to an extension, but can nevertheless be achieved.

Section of PVCu Ridge
Section of PVCu Glazing Bar

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